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Technology shouldn’t be difficult. It should as simple and intuitive to use as possible. Digital FX are experts at integrating your Apple devices for consistently easy use, entertainment and a truly digital workplace / home. Let us make sure you get 100% out of all your devices so you can trust and enjoy your digital lifestyle, be it a mobile office or home theatre.


Sick of your iPhone not syncing to your desktop Mac or iPad, or your Apple TV not showing the content you expect. We will have the solution.


Here at Digital FX we pride ourselves on getting the most out of your existing Apple products and AV equipment for a seamless IT and entertainment experience – we are technicians, not salespeople.


Back in 1997 we setup Digital FX when we saw a hole in the market for great Apple support. Over 20 years later we are still helping people get the most from their existing technology. Often, you don’t need to upgrade, you just need your devices setup correctly and completely – we can help you do that. We are experienced in corporate, education, and home environments so we can cater for the “first time user” through to the “power user”.

DigitalFX service


You shouldn’t have to be a technician to enjoy a consistently reliable workspace or digital home. Everything that integrates into your daily life should work seamlessly as one.


Let us handle the technical side. We will get your office or home setup completely, correctly and simply so it stays that way.


We provide Service, Support and Solutions for all Apple Products plus

  • Wireless or wired network installation and administration
  • Internet, intranet and email solutions
  • Server administration
  • Remote access solutions
  • Service / support contracts - regular preventative maintenance
  • AV equipment
  • And more...

Contact us today for easy and stress free digital integration of your home.


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